Running from Domestication

Running through the obscure forest, I find myself breathless, over heated, and tired. Covered with cobwebs and stumbling through the roots and vines. Not sure of where I am or what I am escaping from, I begin to slow down. Now in a state of relaxation, it hits me I am lost and bewildered with my surroundings. Overwhelmed; the frustration takes over and I begin to hurl myself in every direction as though something is pulling me apart. My mind races as the sweat drips from my brow, I am motionless, limber, and unable to move. I feel a crushing sensation come over me with great pressure and sharp pain. It as at this time I am enlightened by the realization of where I am, I am in my own mind swallowed by the thoughts of life and others. My domestication is overpowering and un-controlling; I am beaten.

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