Kid At Heart!!!!

So I recently have come to terms with what I already knew to be true. I am a big kid at heart and hope to always remain such. This last weekend I spent some great quality time with a friend of mine and her kids. Interestingly enough after a great day of bike riding, playing Nintendo Wii, lego’s, and cards. At the end of the night after the kids were in bed. We were cleaning up and in the process stumbled across an unopened box of Nerf Dart Tag StrikeFire. These are single shot nerf dart guns with spring action air pressure that shoots little yellow darts with Velcro for tips. We both looked at each other and smiled. And next thing you know I was ripping the box open and inspecting the contents. There were two guns, one blue and the other red. Each gun held six nurf darts, one in the chamber and 5 stored under the chamber.

So here we were two 29 year old adults laughing historically as we loaded up our guns and proceeded to take refuge at either end of the room, her in the kitchen and me behind the couches. First few shots went off with anticipation only to much dismay, our accuracy sucked, or so I know mine did. She however will never admit that her first few shots weren’t great. Still the sound of laughter filled the air as we shot each other with little yellow pieces of foam. After much shooting and retrieving, the precision was greatly improving on both sides. To add even more amusement to our childlike adventure, we found with every near miss of the nerf dart breezing bye we could hear a whistle sound, such as that of a bomb being dropped like in cartoons. We were at war for more than an hour. Time did not exist and for a short time neither did any of the responsibilities that came with being adults. Who would have thought after such an eventful day we could even acquisition such energy to indulge our selves in this activity.

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