From Dreams to Reality

Something I recently found from back in my high school days. I wrote this so long ago I am not even sure what I was thinking.

Awaking from a dream into reality, I rub the sleep from my eyes. Waking to a place where I have no control over the outcome of anything. Not knowing how to become one with this reality I begin to despise it, this, the place where nothing goes as planned. Striving to enter back into depths of my dream world only pushes me further into this unknown reality. Where I have no boundaries to what may happen to me, emotionally or physically, where I have to expect the unexpected. A confusing place, this place I call reality, for someday I wish to spend an eternity embraced in my dream world, where I control the full outcome of everything. No pain in this world I have created, this the dream world where I wish to live. My thoughts and dreams combined may someday help me to overcome this reality and find my way back into my dream world. So from this day I shall pay more attention to this reality in hopes to understand and create my true dream world. For when I have learned to combine my dreams with my reality I will have succeeded in the ultimate challenge of humanity.

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