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After recently purchasing my iPad and giving myself some time to see what it can do for me, I thought it would be nice to share my results on my website. If you are familiar with iOS apps in anyway you know there is an abundance of good and bad apps to sift through before you find what works for you. My hopes are that someone gets some useful information from my posts and decide to give these apps a try. I will only be posting information on the ones use; I am not here to review every app in the store. That all being said let me share my first and one of my most used apps: Its called “Flipboard” and let me tell you it’s amazing! What it does is take all your interests and social networks and unifies them in one newspaper/magazine like format for quick reading and browsing. If you use Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter and the Internet you will find this app an instant favorite.

First Flipboard comes with some great content right up front and you will have lots to choose from, anything from news sources to entertainment and so on, but where this app shines for me is the additional import options. Such as:

Using with Facebook: now for me using this app with Facebook required some work, not the setting up, but the organizing my Facebook friends and family into groups. If you use Facebook I highly recommend you look into grouping your friends list. Flipboard allows you to create sections based on these groups and as a result I can keep up with my family and friends at my convenience, sometimes it just takes to long to go through what everyone is doing the traditional way.

Using with Twitter: Not much to say here makes it easy to read your twitter followers tweets in a magazine format. I find I use twitter more because of this app.

Using with Google Reader: I have to say I never used Google Reader or knew much about it until using this app. It really turned me on to one of my now favorite things about the Internet. I have always followed certain RSS feeds, but never like this; I can now read all my RSS feeds like a magazine. This app reinvented RSS Feeds for me andI am always on the look out for new feeds.

Bottom Line: For me Flipboard makes keeping up on events, news, information, friends, family, entertainment, and everything of interest as easy as picking up a newspaper or magazine that was custom made just for you and magically appears on your coffee table every few hours. Oh, I didn’t mention it’s free!!

Go check it out, Flipboard. If you don’t already want an iPad, this will make you want one.

Here’s a Video if your not convinced or just didn’t read anything above:

[youtube v2vpvEDS00o]

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