XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 6)

The Future Media Center:

What does the future hold? Now that my XBOX v.1 and XBMC project is complete and working, I have to wonder what the future holds. Ultimately I know my XBOX v.1 are going to last a few years and although they do work great it is still virtually obsolete hardware. With all the new HD Video out and HDTV being the norm for most households, what will be the alternative to using the XBOX for a media center? Looking to the future, you will find that the next logical jump would be to a future of HD HTPC’s. There are many small HTPC type machines currently on the market, and although most can be used as a media center. These machines do not all offer what the XBOX v.1 offers with the MS DVD Kit. On the horizon there are manufactures that are focusing their efforts to bring XBMC to the masses.

The Zotac ZBOX HD-ID11 is such a machine. It has a small footprint and has new hardware tech that the XBOX V.1 could never stand up to. Utilizing features such as HDMI (with audio) and 1080p HD, it will surely be the beginning of a new future of media centers. I personally would like to see an XBMC TV with all the Internet streaming and media center browsing built right into the Television. Looking to the future we will see how long media lasts it has been no shocker that people are tired of purchasing media that goes obsolete i.e. VHS, Beta, DVD, and currently BluRay. This gets tiresome to buy new media; a new future of media less content is where we should be heading, no hard format to worry about. No matter what is to come it will be interesting to see what happens.

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