XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 4)

DD-WRT Bridge:

The problem with the XBOX V.1 hardware is, unlike the newer game systems of today, ie. Nintendo Wii and PS3 the original XBOX has one major setback; it did not come with WiFi (wireless Connection). What does this mean? Well for me it meant my idea of having an XBOX in my bedroom and the living room would work, but I prefer them to be on my home network. Makes for easier access and for streaming is a necessity. Also this allows the XBOX Internet access, which can be beneficial. Well, so how to resolve this? Wiring the house for network is out, the attic is way to small. In the living room this is not a problem as the entertainment center is where the wireless router is located. My bedroom however is an issue; well after the purchase of my wireless N router I had an extra WiFi router lying around. After much research I cam across this amazing tech from an open source community who specialize in updating cheap routers to do what more expensive router can do. DD-WRT as it is, is a firmware upgrade to some routers that allows access too much more extensive features than that of the manufactures; it just so happens my old Linksys WRT54G was such a router. So after upgrading my WRT54G with the correct firmware build from DD-WRT (be careful you could brick your router, render it a useless paper weight), I was able to bridge my two routers together successfully. Bridging in this case allows me to extend my network wirelessly. So now I have extended my network into the bedroom with a WiFi router that can have up to 4 network devises wired into it and this gives these devices access to my network and Internet. So far so good, my XBOX has been utilizing this for a few weeks now and is working flawlessly.

I have a feeling this will not be the end of my DD-WRT adventure as I also found out that my new WRT160N router can support DD-WRT firmware revisions. This means two different things in my setup. First, I was so impressed with the firmware that I never really want to see Cisco’s Linksys firmware again. Second, it means I am considering buying another WRT160N to replace my WRT54G router. Why would I want to replace this router? Well, even though it is working great, it is still wireless G. I am curious to see the difference in transfer speeds from N to N instead of N to G with the Bridged XBOX. I know from my PC/Wireless N to my living room XBOX/Wired N there is a significant speed increase between these two devices. For now I am satisfied with the current network configuration, but the thought is still lingering there in the back of my mind and will eat at me until I cave and buy another router.

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