XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 1)

In 2003 I finally broke down and purchased an XBOX v.1, but it was not because I was a huge gamer in anyway. It was because I wanted to Hard Mod my XBOX to use it as the best available media player at the time. While my soldering skills were still in their infancy I was surprised when I pressed the power button to see that beautiful smartxx boot screen, it worked! Jump ahead to 2010, it has now been 7 years and my XBOX has served me well for seven years. After countless hours of media playback and replacing the power supply once, my XBOX finally called it quits. So what to do? Well it turns out that new tech ie. XBOX360 and PS3 most people don’t want their XBOX v.1’s anymore. So I acquired two of them on the cheap… FREE!

Still a fan of my XBMC XBOX v.1, I wanted to turn my two newly acquired XBOX’s into new media centers, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. This time I went with a Softmod, which required no opening of the XBOX at all. This type of mod back in 2003 was not acceptable; it was at best a mediocre. Well let me tell you there have been great strides in advancement. After a lot of reading, I decided this was the future of my two new machines.

Now the Softmod’s are complete and working, I could not stop there. I decided to update the Hard Drives from crappy 10GB to a gracious 300GB drive, that I had lying around and not being utilized. Everything went smooth with no hiccups. I now have two XBMC XBOX V.1 systems with 300GB HDD’s running in the house. Why would anyone want to do this? Well that will be revealed shortly.


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