XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 2)

Endless Entertainment:

What to do with a newly modded XBOX? Enjoy endless entertainment! Really lets remember first and for most what an XBOX is, it’s a gaming system, that in it self brings entertainment to kids and adults of all ages. Now that your system is modded you can play XBOX backups either from a game disc or from the hard drive (faster load times). It doesn’t stop there; you can also install multiple gaming platform emulators like Atari, NES, SNES, NEO GEO, Capcom Arcade CS1 and CS2, and many more. These emulators allow you to play ROM’s (Read Only Memory). These ROM’s are game dumps from the original cartridge or arcade machines; basically this gives you retro game play goodness all in one system. Before I stated I was not a huge gamer and this is true, however I do love the nostalgia of being able to revisit my youth with these retro games (SNES Super PunchOut, Streetfighter 2, and 2d fighting games are among my favorites).

Now that we got the gaming aspect out of the way lets move on to where the modded XBOX really shines! With XBMC installed on your system and running as the default dashboard, your media can be played like never before. Whether you’re a download junky or like to rip your DVD’s to a small divx/xvid files like I do, XBMC will not disappoint in playback and organization. Why convert a DVD for this purpose? Well It’s nice to be able to browse your video library with beautiful art and covers on XBMC while not having to find the DVD in a mess of a shelf, only to find someone didn’t put the DVD back in its case. Now with XBMC you just scroll, search or sort your movies and TV shows on the TV. Plus if you have company who likes to come over and watch movies, this becomes an instant hit. While this is a great way to view your media you can find your new 300GB hard drive filling up quite quickly, what do you do to rectify this? Well no fear, you can setup a server or regular PC with larger storage capacities and share/stream your media to the XBOX across your home network.

Did I mention you could also view your photos on the XBMC as a professional slideshow? How about while listening to your music library? Would that catch your attention? Well this is a great-added bonus to an already great media machine. You can copy all your CD’s to the XBOX hard drive or stream them from another source. Like I said, endless entertainment!

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