Naga WIP


Here is the Naga WIP, as I previously stated this one shows what the clients final draft looked like before I added the clothes.

New Commission…. Naga

Naga This was another commission I recently finished from the same client that had me do the mermaid. I think it came out rather well. I like the clients ideas and I can’t wait to finish the next one and show it to you all. For the final she was not clothed, but I have been trying to make my site a little more family friendly lately so I am creating for both. In the WIP you will see more of what the clients finished version looked like.

Sketches… more sketches!

caspertricktreat cutie dreambear girlbear miketurtlesketch milkfarmer

More sketches for my nieces sketchbook. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to shade; I shaded the ninja turtle one today and I think I am going to do more like this instead of the standard line art. Also I am thinking of doing some water color sketches, but I am afraid she will get it wet and the pages will stick =(

The Laughing Wench

Bar Wench

I was recently privileged to be selected for a project that will be on a sign, t-shirts and menus for a new tavern in Jenks Oklahoma. If you are ever in Jenks you should stop in and see what its all about, I know I will. When the sign is completed they are going to send me pictures for my web site, I am looking forward to sharing them with you all.

Retro Space Girl

Retro Space Girl

Title pretty much says it all. I was going for the ridiculous retro sci-fi look. Back when they would land on the moon and be able to breathe and their ray guns were huge; plus those cardboard sets were the best. I love Sci-Fi B-Movies.

Mermaid WIP


As promised here is the Work in Progress pic. As you can see from original sketch to the final colors this particular concept did not change much. It was a great idea and a lot of fun to work on. I hope to work with this client in the future.

Mermaid Commission


This is the most recent commission I just completed. The concept was a woman who was diving and upon finding the Trident was transformed into a mermaid by its power. WIP to come shortly.

New Sketches

bttgirl cgirl cowgator mfairy muscledog ugirl ugirls

These are some of the sketches I had time to scan from the sketchbook I am making for my Niece. You can click on the thumbnails for a larger version. Also I am currently working on a new commission that I will be sharing shortly.

Sketches Galore

My niece found an old drawing at my mothers house awhile back. She was so exited that her uncle drew the picture that she held on to it for a month and never colored on it. Which is pretty good considering she was only 4. So I decided as a neat Christmas present I would create a sketch book for her. Instead of giving her a book to sketch in, I am doing all the sketches. This will help me diversify my art a little because it will consist of more kid-like creations for my now 5 year old niece. I will also be scanning the images for my web site shortly.

Television Bureaucracy

It has finally happened! After years of corporate bureaucracy and bull shit in the television industry, I have finally renounced myself as a loyal viewer. I shamefully admit I used to watch a lot of television. So I have put away my TIVO, canceled my cable, and will no longer be watching the mindless commercials and subliminal advertising that ran my life. I will not sit by as the Networks we all once came to love determine our fate. Tiresome unintelligent entertainment is the wave of the future. The population as a hole is being mind warped into animals with the intellectual capacity of a trained dog. Anything that has meaning or puts a thought in those little brains is removed from the airways in fear that people will rise up and bark for them selves instead of when they are told.

Love Goddess Freya WIP


As with the Halloween Witch I am trying to keep the work in progresses going so people can get and idea of the steps taken. With this one I had to work with a client and as such he was able to see all the steps as they progressed; to make changes and such. With luck almost nothing was really changed much from the initial sketches.

Love Goddess Freya

Love Godess Fraya

Here was a recent commission I finished for a client from one of my Ebay auctions. He described what he wanted and this is what I envisioned from his description. I was really happy how she turned out and I hope you will enjoy this piece as much as the client did.

Halloween Witch WIP


As I said before here is a work in progress of the Halloween Witch I finished. I hope to do more of these in the future, although I find that when I get started on these I often forget to stop and take a snap shot what I have done. Maybe someday I can do a video for my tutorials section.

Halloween Witch

Halloween Witch

I finally finished the “Halloween Witch” and here she is in all her beauty. I will also be including a kind of WIP for what went into this piece. From the initial scribbles and sketches to the finished computer work you see before you.

Rogue Remastered

Rogue Remastered

This is the finished 100% Digital Version of “Rogue Caution Do Not Touch.” The original was created in Watercolors and Acrylics. Although it looked good I love the clean look of the new digital one. This was a lot of fun to create and this style is one of my favorites.