Kid At Heart!!!!

So I recently have come to terms with what I already knew to be true. I am a big kid at heart and hope to always remain such. This last weekend I spent some great quality time with a friend of mine and her kids. Interestingly enough after a great day of bike riding, playing Nintendo Wii, lego’s, and cards. At the end of the night after the kids were in bed. We were cleaning up and in the process stumbled across an unopened box of ...Continue Reading

Myspace quote.

“Never give away your happiness, instead share it with everyone!” – Eric M. Boyd

Fantasy Football

Football, I was never huge fan of watching Football, although I played some in high school, I just never watched sports to much. After seeing the fun all the guys at work had last year playing Fantasy Football I decided to give it a try this year. I was really interested in making my own logo and creating a team. My friend Sarah helped come up with the name… The Crazy Apes. Here is the logo.

Note: I manipulated a donkey kong image I found online.

Running from Domestication

Running through the obscure forest, I find myself breathless, over heated, and tired. Covered with cobwebs and stumbling through the roots and vines. Not sure of where I am or what I am escaping from, I begin to slow down. Now in a state of relaxation, it hits me I am lost and bewildered with my surroundings. Overwhelmed; the frustration takes over and I begin to hurl myself in every direction as though something is pulling me apart. My mind races as the sweat drips from my brow, I am motionless, limber, and unable to move. I feel a crushing sensation come over me with great pressure and sharp pain. It as at this time I am enlightened by the realization of where I am, I am in my own mind swallowed by the thoughts of life and others. My domestication is overpowering and un-controlling; I am beaten.

Gazing into the eyes…

Gazing into the eyes of Beautiful.

Gazing into her eyes intensely causes my heart to tremble. Blue treasures sparkle with green glitter bringing forth great pleasure with such ease.  My eyes caress there way down to her delicate lips. Where I find a sexy smile that whispers kiss me, finding myself restful, tranquil, and peaceful as my lips touch hers. It is in this moment that my heart booms with absolute desire. Our passion unites as one and we embrace into a frenzy of lust and content.

Quote finder.

So I admit I do use myspace, and although I don’t think it’s truly the greatest thing in the world I do at times find somethings interesting or appealing about it. One of though’s things is the quotes people put on myspace. I don’t always know if there self made or from another resource, so I will not put where they come from, but I would like to share the ones that I find intriguing. These will not be ones I came up with unless otherwise stated.

“Never regret the things that made you smile, just learn from the tears that followed.”


Ok so in the last year or so I met this incredibly beautiful vivacious young lady at a restaurant I frequent. Her name is Becky and she was graduating from high school. Becky’s mom asked me to write her a graduation letter, how could I refuse. She has kind of a nick name of Sha-Tank-Ra and has quite a story to go with it, and well I am not going to share the story or the letter, here is the envelope I created that she received the letter in.

ACEO cards

aceo000001 aceo000002 aceo000003 aceo000004 aceo000005 aceo000006

I had an idea sometime back to make original art the size of trading cards. Mostly because I thought they would be fun to create and could be worked on anywhere, because of the size being so small. They would also be easy to ship if I decided to sell them on auction sites. So I decided to do some research online and I found that such a thing already existed. They are referred to as Art Cards, Editions and Originals aka (ACEO) and are a popular way for artist and fans to trade original art cards. Here is a great site for checking out this information.

From Dreams to Reality

Something I recently found from back in my high school days. I wrote this so long ago I am not even sure what I was thinking.

Awaking from a dream into reality, I rub the sleep from my eyes. Waking to a place where I have no control over the outcome of anything. Not knowing how to become one with this reality I begin to despise it, this, the place where nothing goes as planned ...Continue Reading

Update: The Laughing Wench

Here is the image of the freshly painted sign for “The Laughing Wench Pub”. Wow, I wasn’t sure what it was going to look like all done. The painter did a great job and I like the look, it reminds me of a Package Label. It’s very cool to know something like this exists out there with my art on it.

Naga WIP


Here is the Naga WIP, as I previously stated this one shows what the clients final draft looked like before I added the clothes.

New Commission…. Naga

Naga This was another commission I recently finished from the same client that had me do the mermaid. I think it came out rather well. I like the clients ideas and I can’t wait to finish the next one and show it to you all. For the final she was not clothed, but I have been trying to make my site a little more family friendly lately so I am creating for both. In the WIP you will see more of what the clients finished version looked like.

Sketches… more sketches!

caspertricktreat cutie dreambear girlbear miketurtlesketch milkfarmer

More sketches for my nieces sketchbook. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to shade; I shaded the ninja turtle one today and I think I am going to do more like this instead of the standard line art. Also I am thinking of doing some water color sketches, but I am afraid she will get it wet and the pages will stick =(

The Laughing Wench

Bar Wench

I was recently privileged to be selected for a project that will be on a sign, t-shirts and menus for a new tavern in Jenks Oklahoma. If you are ever in Jenks you should stop in and see what its all about, I know I will. When the sign is completed they are going to send me pictures for my web site, I am looking forward to sharing them with you all.

Retro Space Girl

Retro Space Girl

Title pretty much says it all. I was going for the ridiculous retro sci-fi look. Back when they would land on the moon and be able to breathe and their ray guns were huge; plus those cardboard sets were the best. I love Sci-Fi B-Movies.