XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 2)

Endless Entertainment: What to do with a newly modded XBOX? Enjoy endless entertainment! Really lets remember first and for most what an XBOX is, it’s a gaming system, that in it self brings entertainment to kids and adults of all ages. Now that your system is modded you can play XBOX backups either from a […]

XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 1)

In 2003 I finally broke down and purchased an XBOX v.1, but it was not because I was a huge gamer in anyway. It was because I wanted to Hard Mod my XBOX to use it as the best available media player at the time. While my soldering skills were still in their infancy I […]

New Found Creativity

I have recently started sculpting and drawing again after a long hiatus of not doing much art of any kind. I guess with my new job I am feeling creative again working as a graphic artist. I do a lot of layout, marketing and ad designs for the local newspaper. Having to be pretty creative […]

Copy-Cat Art

This is Copy-Cat and who might you ask is Copy-Cat? Well I like to hang out on the forums and a member there who goes by the name Gatchagrey developed a fan made MOTU character. Copy-Cat as explained by Gatchagrey: her background is basically as follows…

Drawing Mannequin

If any of you have ever used those wooden Drawing Mannequin then you will love this. I found these a month or so ago and I can’t get enough of them. they are approximately 3 inches tall and work great for drawing poses. I have a lot of these now and find them fun to […]

Christmas Gift Art

Christmas after Christmas, I have wanted to do some custom artwork for my friends and family. Never before have I actually had the time to accomplish this, but I decided to give it a real shot this year. So I purchased some 4×6 picture frames and began work on the custom art for my friends. […]

Custom Nerf Guns

If you read my last post entitled “Kid  At Heart”  you know how much fun I had with the single shot Nerf gun, so you can imagine how excited I was to discover they have a six shot revolver. However after purchasing a few, I was disappointed in the standard yellow color you see in […]

Kid At Heart!!!!

So I recently have come to terms with what I already knew to be true. I am a big kid at heart and hope to always remain such. This last weekend I spent some great quality time with a friend of mine and her kids. Interestingly enough after a great day of bike riding, playing […]

Myspace quote.

“Never give away your happiness, instead share it with everyone!” – Eric M. Boyd

Fantasy Football

Football, I was never huge fan of watching Football, although I played some in high school, I just never watched sports to much. After seeing the fun all the guys at work had last year playing Fantasy Football I decided to give it a try this year. I was really interested in making my own […]

Running from Domestication

Running through the obscure forest, I find myself breathless, over heated, and tired. Covered with cobwebs and stumbling through the roots and vines. Not sure of where I am or what I am escaping from, I begin to slow down. Now in a state of relaxation, it hits me I am lost and bewildered with […]

Gazing into the eyes…

Gazing into the eyes of Beautiful. Gazing into her eyes intensely causes my heart to tremble. Blue treasures sparkle with green glitter bringing forth great pleasure with such ease.  My eyes caress there way down to her delicate lips. Where I find a sexy smile that whispers kiss me, finding myself restful, tranquil, and peaceful […]

Quote finder.

So I admit I do use myspace, and although I don’t think it’s truly the greatest thing in the world I do at times find somethings interesting or appealing about it. One of though’s things is the quotes people put on myspace. I don’t always know if there self made or from another resource, so […]


Ok so in the last year or so I met this incredibly beautiful vivacious young lady at a restaurant I frequent. Her name is Becky and she was graduating from high school. Becky’s mom asked me to write her a graduation letter, how could I refuse. She has kind of a nick name of Sha-Tank-Ra […]

ACEO cards

I had an idea sometime back to make original art the size of trading cards. Mostly because I thought they would be fun to create and could be worked on anywhere, because of the size being so small. They would also be easy to ship if I decided to sell them on auction sites. So […]

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