AOTW Dan LuVisi

Artist Of The Week: Dan LuVisi. Dan is a wonderful digital concept artist who works in film, comic book, and game industry. His art is definitely movie orientated which is what initially caught my eye. His dark realistic style in the movie images he has conceptualized just bring you back to those movies you just love to watch. So go check out more of his showcase over at

Pleasing the Customer

So I was working on an Ad today and the customer liked the ad, but found the girls mid section showing to edgy… I know in this day and age…. so anyway normally we would just go search for a new photo, but seeing is how this is the 3rd photo we tried and actually liked; I decided to do a quick change to her clothing. These are the results, not my best work, but was fun and only took a a few minutes… time is crucial when I just want to get something done and move on.

Here is another one I had to do, it was a little more tricky. I ended up just drawing an undershirt onto this one, most people may not even notice. It came out alright it will do. Beats having to spend 45 Minutes to search for new photo’s for the ads.

AOTW Tiago Hoisel

Artist Of The Week: Tiago Hoisel. Tiago is an amazing artist out of Brazil that I discovered recently on He really brings out the fun and goofy side of what art can portray; in his creative over the top style that just catches your eye and makes you feel like a kid again. So please go check it out, you will surely get a chuckle out of the subject matter. As an added bonus he shows some educational Work In Progress samples. At or his Blog

AOTW Tom Richmond

Artist Of The Week: Tom Richmond. If you are a MAD magazine fan I am sure you have seen his work. I love caricature drawings, I have an incredible respect for the craft. I have a hard time trying to create them myself. Tom is a master and I am envious of his talent! His ability to really capture people and pop culture is amazing! Please go check out his web site by click here!

Caricature Sketch Attempt


This is really a first attempt at an actual Caricature, I have a hard to time exaggerating features sometimes.

DIY Ultimate Desk: Update 3d Sketchup

Found a great Application that I had never heard of before and now I am hooked. Google Sketchup, is an amazing FREE program that lets you design in 3d and really figure out your designs in a new dimension. Helps to figure out sizes and problems you might run into during the build process. Anyway short story here is what the desk will look like. Only real change is in the base, as you can see I added shelves to the base because the depth of the desk is deeper than most standard desks there is room for 8 inch shelves. Plus I find I never stretch my legs much when I am at my desk anyway. Also all the wood has been purchased, cut, and almost ready to be assembled!!!! New monitor came in and waiting for the DVI cables and additional Video card. New update coming soon.

DIY Ultimate Desk

Anyone who knows me, knows I have to design, create and build instead of just buy. Here is another prime example of this in my newest project. Here is the first draft of my design ideas for a new desk. Unlike my current desk, which was made to utilize a smaller foot print, this desk will be larger and house everything I can think of while being extremely functional and accomplishing all that I desire. Just acquired my third monitor and will be working out all the sizes and details shortly. Hope to get this built soon enough. Continue reading for some more images. ...Continue Reading

2-23-11 Sketch Updates


Some new sketches and Prismacolor Marker play. I am really liking the Prismacolor Markers.

iPad Sketches

Here are some quick Sketchbook Pro iPad app sketches and screen shots. I was just trying to get a feel for the app at the moment. So far I am enjoying it! Let me know what you think.

Sketchbook Pro for iPad

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is an amazing app for the iPad. It’s one of my new favorite apps. I will be sharing some sketches and drawings that I have done using this program on my iPad with an iPad stylus. Search Youtube videos and see what amazingly creative things people are doing with the app and their iPad’s. I am so eager to learn to create using this new material/medium in an everyday fashion. So go check it out and look for some of my own creations in the future… Click Here

AOTW Todd Hamilton

Artist Of The Week: Todd Hamilton. Traditionally I tend to post more traditional artist or illustrators, well I being a graphic artist realized that this is not a fare representation of art. So after seeing this Graphic Artists icon set for some projects he is involved in I could not resist making him my next Artist Of The Week. Todd Hamilton is new to me and I recently signed onto the website where you can see some amazing graphic artists works in progress. So please go check out Todds work and see what fun projects he is involved in. His dribbble profile and his project site is here.

Feeddler for iPad

So after using Flipboard and really expanding my horizons with google reader and RSS feeds, I have now found my new RSS reader for the iPad, this app is amazing when it comes to keeping up with what is now over a hundred RSS feeds that I read on a regular basis. So if you are looking for an incredible RSS reader and or are just curious to see what RSS feeds are all about go check it out, you will not be disappointed!! Click Here

AOTW Josh Howard

Artist Of The Week: Josh Howard. Here is one of my favorite artist and writers. Being a huge fan of the Dead@17 series and The Lost Books of Eve, I knew Josh Howard would be added to this list soon enough. I am always checking out his website and though it has been some time, he has recently done some updates, much of which are works he did for commissions. I love his style, again very pinup esq., but he also writes and illustrates some amazing Comic books/Graphic Novels. So please check out his work both the art and his books. You will not be disappointed.

iPad: Flipboard

After recently purchasing my iPad and giving myself some time to see what it can do for me, I thought it would be nice to share my results on my website. If you are familiar with iOS apps in anyway you know there is an abundance of good and bad apps to sift through before you find what works for you. My hopes are that someone gets some useful information from my posts and decide to give these apps a try. I will only be posting information on the ones use; I am not here to review every app in the store. That all being said let me share my first and one of my most used apps: Its called “Flipboard” and let me tell you it’s amazing! What it does is take all your interests and social networks and unifies them in one newspaper/magazine like format for quick reading and browsing. If you use Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter and the Internet you will find this app an instant favorite. ...Continue Reading

Christmas Gift 2010


This is an Illustration I did for my sister for Christmas. My sisters name is Angel and back in her High School days her friends gave her the nickname MzDevyl, so for a long time now I have wanted to do an illustration and this year I finally got around to it. This is the result. It measures about 36×24 inches and was done freehand with mostly prismacolor markers, some colored pencil, water colors, and acrylic paint. Also Happy New Year!! Here’s looking to 2011 and what is to come, lots of new stuff on the horizon, stay tuned.