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I recently was reading about wordpress 3.0 and well I am a huge wordpress fan. So I just had to upgrade and in the process made the decision to overhaul my website and well this is the results of that overhaul. I am calling this design emboyd v3.0 seeing is how this is the third installment in my ever changing website redesign. I have added a lot of new features and at this point I am still not completely done. I have lost the last years content and as such I hope to replace it soon. So this site will see many updates and changes to come in the content department. More sections will be added as well. I hope to actually get some real tutorials up for the first time. So hope you all enjoy what I have done and look forward to what I have coming shortly.


  • cat

    If I could just have once ounce of your talent… 🙂

  • Eric

    Aww Thanks! You are officially my first comment! That makes you special! You already knew that though!

  • Renee

    I know you are still overhauling, but don’t forget the clay ornaments too!

  • Eric

    I never took any pictures of those. If you get time in your next two weeks off with nothing to do. =} I would greatly appreciate it if you could pull them out of storage so I can take some pics of yours n the boys.

  • awsome dude! i am highly impressed by you eric, always have been =) now when are you designing my tattoo i asked you to do like 6 yrs ago or was it 7, either way a long time ago lol
    im rambling now, so ill just say WAY TO GO MAN! =D

  • Pete

    Ok I used your bar code thingy from your facebook profile pic to get to your website. I’m impressed that it works well for mobile phones. Android is better that iphone btw. Cool people have android. The website is nice but you need some porn.

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