Pleasing the Customer

So I was working on an Ad today and the customer liked the ad, but found the girls mid section showing to edgy… I know in this day and age…. so anyway normally we would just go search for a new photo, but seeing is how this is the 3rd photo we tried and actually liked; I decided to do a quick change to her clothing. These are the results, not my best work, but was fun and only took a a few minutes… time is crucial when I just want to get something done and move on.

Here is another one I had to do, it was a little more tricky. I ended up just drawing an undershirt onto this one, most people may not even notice. It came out alright it will do. Beats having to spend 45 Minutes to search for new photo’s for the ads.


  • looks good, i doubt anyone will notice it was altered. too bad though, she has nice abs

  • Eric

    Yeah, I hate having to alter these photo’s normally I spend more time trying to get clothes off woman than getting them to put them on. =) I reworded that so you couldn’t do a gay joke at least not easily!

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