Drawing Mannequin

If any of you have ever used those wooden Drawing Mannequin then you will love this. I found these a month or so ago and I can’t get enough of them. they are approximately 3 inches tall and work great for drawing poses. I have a lot of these now and find them fun to have. They come in many colors and sizes, well the girls do guys not so much. They are Microman, but this particular version is blank; they are referred to as Material Force Microman and they sell in Japan at toys’R’us only. I ordered these off eBay from Japan. Whats great about these is they have over 30 points of articulation and come with many different hands for posing and holding weapons. G.I. Joe 3″ figure weapons work great for these little mannequins. So if you like to draw and are looking for something to use other than those bulky boring wooden mannequins, then this is a great alternative. HereĀ  is my collection:

If you would like more info check out this link Here


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