Custom Nerf Guns

If you read my last post entitled “Kid  At Heart”  you know how much fun I had with the single shot Nerf gun, so you can imagine how excited I was to discover they have a six shot revolver. However after purchasing a few, I was disappointed in the standard yellow color you see in the back of the newly painted ones I created. So here is what happens when I get bored. As you can see I repainted them to look more interesting and less kid-like. I am after all 29 years old. Even my friend got her own pink princess gun!

Whats really cool is there are tons of people out there who have done and gone far beyond what you see here by me. Google Custom Nerf Guns and you will see some pretty crazy and fun stuff.


  • Renee

    Still got it!

  • shelly shane

    would like to know how i can purchase a pink modified nerf gun

  • Eric

    Sorry Shelly, But I don’t sell them. I customized 3 for fun. I am not sure Nerf even makes this gun anymore? It was a fun little project. If you have any further questions feel free to ask. Thanks, Eric

    P.S. try people seam to sell custom Nerf on there.

  • Gabriela

    This is such a great project! I would love to do this for our kids, tweens and teens (we have five kids) and make them their favorite colors. Would you mind sharing what you used in terms of paints/primers, brushes/sprays, etc.

    I would love to learn from your experience if you would not mind and are willing to help out by sharing what products may work best when making the modifications.

    Thank you in advance,

  • Eric

    Hello Gabriela,

    Basicly Krylon plastic paint works great just make sure to rough up the plastic with some 200 grit sand paper first. I also used Metalic Hobby spray paint too but the enamel stuff is not the best to use. Take apart, tape insides up, sand, prime and then spray it with what ever color you desire. Spray on a clear coat and viola you can now put it back together. I might make a tutorial if I paint another one.

    Thanks for the interest, its a fun project.

    PS Micheals Art and Crafts Store has new section of spray paint colors and they are amazing!!!

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