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Portable Light Drafting Table (video)
WIP Added Some Color

WIP now with some color. Still needs a lot of work and I need to pull out my airbrush first.

Bottom Teeth Added

Bottom row of Teeth done. I need to finish the top teeth and add one more magnet and then ready for PAINT!

Top View

Top View

Added the Tail

Added the Tail

New DIY Paint Rack

Got the Idea from Pinterest

New Customs?

New customs on the way, Ninja Turtles were on sale!

Slash Custom WIP

Added the fingernails & toenails and did the neck mod. Soon to be a Slash custom.

TMNT Metalhead Custom

Cut the legs down and re-sculpted the feet on this guy. He needed to be shorter like in the new cartoon. I have not done his repaint yet.

WIP TMNT Metalhead

I cut about 1/4 inches off his legs and re-sculpted his feet, now he is short like the new cartoon, well almost. Also added the antenna. Next paint.

WIP Paperclip Monster

Magnet Paperclip Holding Monster WIP. Made from aluminum foil, sculpey and super sculpey.

Making Paperclip Holder

Making a paper clip holder for my desk at work. His mouth has 5 heavy duty earth magnets in it.

Metalhead TMNT

I got this guy the other day and can’t wait to add him to my new custom TMNT collection. I think I will paint him and make him shorter.

Custom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Toys

So being a prodigy of the 80’s I had to be a fan of the little green ninja’s. They were one of my favorite toy lines and cartoons that even today reinvigorates a nostalgia from yesteryear! That being said I was so looking forward to the new toy line from Nickelodeon… These appeared to be […]

DIY Ultimate Desk: Update 3 Light Table

I finally installed the switch and the plate on light assembly! I still need to finish staining the drawers, but I need to use the one that houses my scanner for now. So just for the light Assembly, the wire, the bulbs, and the switch I spent about $25. Which is a lot cheaper than […]

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