Tadpole Rescue

After all the rain we had been having, we had a small canal we often call our ditch. Well that being said it was inevitable we’d get tadpoles. The girls looked everyday until sure enough there were thousands of tadpoles. Well the water is decreasing at a rapid rate and the tadpoles are not developing fast enough. So we decide to save what can. We now have 100+ in an aquarium, but I’m going try and find pond for a lot of them.




Updates Coming Soon!

Well it’s almost been a year since my last update and WOW time flies. I need to find a way to keep this updated and there are a lot of updates to be done it’s been a very busy year! New Job, New Girlfriend and Kids, Moved, Lots of Projects, and so much more. It has been a great year. Updates coming soon.

CG Artists Community

If you are an artist and have been on the internet for any amount of time you know there are a lot of community websites for artists. Well I could spend my entire day trying to keep up with them and submit stuff to each one, but lets be realistic that is just not feasible and although you can get work from being noticed on everyone of those websites, each site has there loyal following of individuals who swear by the community as a whole, I just find myself getting lost in the flood. Recently I came upon this site who was referred to me by a friend and this has been one of my favorite sites to peruse and see what other artists are creating. I just signed up to the site today myself and if you are an artist consider doing the same. Either way it’s worth checking out.

Pleasing the Customer

So I was working on an Ad today and the customer liked the ad, but found the girls mid section showing to edgy… I know in this day and age…. so anyway normally we would just go search for a new photo, but seeing is how this is the 3rd photo we tried and actually liked; I decided to do a quick change to her clothing. These are the results, not my best work, but was fun and only took a a few minutes… time is crucial when I just want to get something done and move on.

Here is another one I had to do, it was a little more tricky. I ended up just drawing an undershirt onto this one, most people may not even notice. It came out alright it will do. Beats having to spend 45 Minutes to search for new photo’s for the ads.

My Latest Business Card

I know why create another Business Card? Well this one is replacing the others. I want to focus on one thing and this website is what I decided would be the best thing to focus on. So I really have been working to consolidate everything into one place for some time now. This makes the other cards irrelevant. These new cards should be here soon. I don’t know why but waiting for them to arrive is always a little exciting.

Portfolio Section

My portfolio section just received a massive update and I hope to keep it updated. So if you are interested to see what I do everyday at work please go check it out here.

Contrast Study

Was able to get some down time at work so I wanted to do some contrast study, this is the result of that study. I got a little carried away and went to town on the image instead of doing the real contrast study I had intended to do. Never the less, I liked the final outcome so I thought I’d share.

Facial Expressions

I wanted to study facial expressions and although these aren’t photo’s they really do a great job. The illustrator Dani Jones has a great page of 50 facial expressions. If you are interested in learning about facial expressions I highly suggest checking these out. He even gives a PDF that you can download. Click Here to check out the page.

Paper Toys by Zakane

Paper Art Toys by artist Zakane! How cool is this? I was watching toybreak and they were showing these paper art toys and I had to go check out the site. So why do I find these so interesting? Truthfully they just look so cool. This is something I could see kids of all ages loving. I remember way back when I was kid (doodloodo Flashback) I was watching a King Kong movie marathon of such classics as King Kong, Son of Kong, Mighty Joe young and I loved the movies so much while I was watching them I created paper toy kong’s. Sometimes its what you create yourself that makes you the happiest. That being said I can seriously see how these could be so much fun, maybe I will make some with my niece. It’s the simplest way to create your own toys the cheap and free way. They don’t cost anything to download and make. Print out the designs and go at it. Now when I say simple to make, don’t get me wrong I know it’s not as easy as it sounds or might look, check out the video after the break and you will see what I mean. ...Continue Reading

Christmas Coming Soon

I know its only October, but Christmas is just around the corner and I have a few projects I’d like to get done for Christmas Gifts. So I have held off on releasing my new web site till the first of the year for sure. Its a good thing, gives me time to focus more on how I want to launch the site and my new products. Also I am finding new ways of doing things and have found wax to be my favorite sculpting medium. So stay tuned for new things to come!

Toy Break

So as I have been sculpting lately and looking at a lot of toys and designer toys, I recently stumbled upon this really cool webshow. The show is called Toy Break and they talk about what else toys! They do some really cool reviews and keep you up-to-date about everything going on the toy industry; specifically the designer vinyl and plush toy industry. They also do a fantastic job of keeping show notes so what ever they review or talk about is always easy to find links and all in there show notes! I am hooked! I caught the last episode and now I have started to go back and watch all the previous episodes. You can also subscribe to the show through Itunes (its free under podcasts) and if you read my posts about the xbox media center I able to watch the show on my TV. You should really check it out! ToyBreak

New Website

Recently I have been working on some sculpting and toy stuff and was hoping to have a new website up before the first of October. Well needless to say I don’t think that will happen and although everything is going good and working out I think I will hold off till the first of the year. I am currently designing sculpting and casting custom parts and accessories for my favorite toy line and will be unveiling what I am working on soon!

Website Overhaul

I recently was reading about wordpress 3.0 and well I am a huge wordpress fan. So I just had to upgrade and in the process made the decision to overhaul my website and well this is the results of that overhaul. I am calling this design emboyd v3.0 seeing is how this is the third installment in my ever changing website redesign. I have added a lot of new features and at this point I am still not completely done. I have lost the last years content and as such I hope to replace it soon. So this site will see many updates and changes to come in the content department. More sections will be added as well. I hope to actually get some real tutorials up for the first time. So hope you all enjoy what I have done and look forward to what I have coming shortly.

New Found Creativity

I have recently started sculpting and drawing again after a long hiatus of not doing much art of any kind. I guess with my new job I am feeling creative again working as a graphic artist. I do a lot of layout, marketing and ad designs for the local newspaper. Having to be pretty creative all day is nice refreshing change of pace. So I hope this new found creativity lasts and I can start doing some projects I have had rattling around in my brain for some time now.

Drawing Mannequin

If any of you have ever used those wooden Drawing Mannequin then you will love this. I found these a month or so ago and I can’t get enough of them. they are approximately 3 inches tall and work great for drawing poses. I have a lot of these now and find them fun to have. They come in many colors and sizes, well the girls do guys not so much. They are Microman, but this particular ...Continue Reading