Mixed Media

Custom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Toys

So being a prodigy of the 80’s I had to be a fan of the little green ninja’s. They were one of my favorite toy lines and cartoons that even today reinvigorates a nostalgia from yesteryear! That being said I was so looking forward to the new toy line from Nickelodeon… These appeared to be the best incarnation of a classic toy to date as they seemed to be a cross between classic cartoon and comic book. After receiving my set of the four brothers in half shells I was disappointed in only one thing, their paint apps. Without further ado I share with you my repainted TMNT!

Christmas Gift 2010


This is an Illustration I did for my sister for Christmas. My sisters name is Angel and back in her High School days her friends gave her the nickname MzDevyl, so for a long time now I have wanted to do an illustration and this year I finally got around to it. This is the result. It measures about 36×24 inches and was done freehand with mostly prismacolor markers, some colored pencil, water colors, and acrylic paint. Also Happy New Year!! Here’s looking to 2011 and what is to come, lots of new stuff on the horizon, stay tuned.

Christmas Gift Art

rockingmonkeys samanthabewitched

Christmas after Christmas, I have wanted to do some custom artwork for my friends and family. Never before have I actually had the time to accomplish this, but I decided to give it a real shot this year. So I purchased some 4×6 picture frames and began work on the custom art for my friends. I tried to make each one reflect the friend that was receiving the artwork, this was a harder task than I thought it would be. Here are the results of that idea.


Ok so in the last year or so I met this incredibly beautiful vivacious young lady at a restaurant I frequent. Her name is Becky and she was graduating from high school. Becky’s mom asked me to write her a graduation letter, how could I refuse. She has kind of a nick name of Sha-Tank-Ra and has quite a story to go with it, and well I am not going to share the story or the letter, here is the envelope I created that she received the letter in.

ACEO cards

aceo000001 aceo000002 aceo000003 aceo000004 aceo000005 aceo000006

I had an idea sometime back to make original art the size of trading cards. Mostly because I thought they would be fun to create and could be worked on anywhere, because of the size being so small. They would also be easy to ship if I decided to sell them on auction sites. So I decided to do some research online and I found that such a thing already existed. They are referred to as Art Cards, Editions and Originals aka (ACEO) and are a popular way for artist and fans to trade original art cards. Here is a great site for checking out this information. www.art-cards.org

Naga WIP


Here is the Naga WIP, as I previously stated this one shows what the clients final draft looked like before I added the clothes.