1st Artist Of The Week

As an artist I tend to check out other artists websites and see what people are creating. I am always finding art from a multitude of talented people and as such I figured I’d update my own site more frequently by sharing my findings. So for my first Artist Of The Week, I would like to present Otis Frampton. I recently came across Otis’s website after purchasing my Prismacolor Artist Markers and wanting to see what could be accomplished with this new medium. During my endeavor I came across some of his brilliant marker imagery; his style intrigued me and the playfulness of his character designs really captured my inner child. His art and fan interaction is inspiring. Otis has an event he calls 7-7 Sundays where he does a live web auction every Sunday where he works on the auction winners masterpieces streamed live. So go check out his website you will not be disappointed. OtisFrampont.com.

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