Copy-Cat Art

This is Copy-Cat and who might you ask is Copy-Cat? Well I like to hang out on the forums and a member there who goes by the name Gatchagrey developed a fan made MOTU character.

Copy-Cat as explained by Gatchagrey:

her background is basically as follows… in the MYP episode “History” there is a scene where he-man a battle cat are pursueing king his down a river of lava..battle cat gets some lave splashed oh his mask andd he man tosses it off of him… this is where my character comes in…she is a young quadian that admires battlecat and had witnessed BC and he-man heading toward the river.. when she see the helmet get tossed she used her grapple claw to retrive it..sort of an ultimate collector item for her…somehow she accidental triggers the power in the mask and she is transformed into a COPY of battle cat……so that is why she uses the BC mask as a shield and has a grapple claw weapon…

Pretty cool idea for a character and well I just had to do a piece of art. Wish I had more time I would’ve really liked to get more involved with this concept.  Anyway check it out at the  forums: Here

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