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Tadpole Rescue

After all the rain we had been having, we had a small canal we often call our ditch. Well that being said it was inevitable we’d get tadpoles. The girls looked everyday until sure enough there were thousands of tadpoles. Well the water is decreasing at a rapid rate and the tadpoles are not developing fast enough. So we decide to save what can. We now have 100+ in an aquarium, but I’m going try and find pond for a lot of them.




Custom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Toys

So being a prodigy of the 80’s I had to be a fan of the little green ninja’s. They were one of my favorite toy lines and cartoons that even today reinvigorates a nostalgia from yesteryear! That being said I was so looking forward to the new toy line from Nickelodeon… These appeared to be the best incarnation of a classic toy to date as they seemed to be a cross between classic cartoon and comic book. After receiving my set of the four brothers in half shells I was disappointed in only one thing, their paint apps. Without further ado I share with you my repainted TMNT!