Monthly Archives: April 2011
Happy Easter
DIY Ultimate Desk: Update 3 Light Table

I finally installed the switch and the plate on light assembly! I still need to finish staining the drawers, but I need to use the one that houses my scanner for now. So just for the light Assembly, the wire, the bulbs, and the switch I spent about $25. Which is a lot cheaper than […]

DIY Ultimate Desk: Update 2 Assembled

So I finally am just about done with my desk. I still have to stain the drawers, add light switch to the light table and cover the wires under the plexiglass. Also I need to add the three shelves that go in the back of the base, and I order a triple monitor stand that […]

CG Artists Community

If you are an artist and have been on the internet for any amount of time you know there are a lot of community websites for artists. Well I could spend my entire day trying to keep up with them and submit stuff to each one, but lets be realistic that is just not feasible […]

Angry Barrels

Did this quick little design last night. My friend contacted me because she is currently working at Cracker Barrel and they are having a company trainer picnic/game day with the barrels races and fun stuff like that. Ok, so I guess they wanted to make t-shirts for there team and wanted a team name and […]

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