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Happy Easter

DIY Ultimate Desk: Update 3 Light Table

I finally installed the switch and the plate on light assembly! I still need to finish staining the drawers, but I need to use the one that houses my scanner for now. So just for the light Assembly, the wire, the bulbs, and the switch I spent about $25. Which is a lot cheaper than most people who use old school fluorescent lights. Anyway I am happy with it and it lights up great, what do you think?

DIY Ultimate Desk: Update 2 Assembled

So I finally am just about done with my desk. I still have to stain the drawers, add light switch to the light table and cover the wires under the plexiglass. Also I need to add the three shelves that go in the back of the base, and I order a triple monitor stand that will make the monitors float off the desk… I am so excited I love the way it came or is coming out. Also I did add two USB hubs and power stripĀ  built in to a pocket in the back of the desk, sorry forgot to get a photo of that.

CG Artists Community

If you are an artist and have been on the internet for any amount of time you know there are a lot of community websites for artists. Well I could spend my entire day trying to keep up with them and submit stuff to each one, but lets be realistic that is just not feasible and although you can get work from being noticed on everyone of those websites, each site has there loyal following of individuals who swear by the community as a whole, I just find myself getting lost in the flood. Recently I came upon this site who was referred to me by a friend and this has been one of my favorite sites to peruse and see what other artists are creating. I just signed up to the site today myself and if you are an artist consider doing the same. Either way it’s worth checking out.

Angry Barrels

Cracker Barrel Team Picnic Shirt DesignDid this quick little design last night. My friend contacted me because she is currently working at Cracker Barrel and they are having a company trainer picnic/game day with the barrels races and fun stuff like that. Ok, so I guess they wanted to make t-shirts for there team and wanted a team name and for some reason this is what i came up with as an idea. Maybe I am just playing to much angry birds. So in my rendition we have angry barrels going after crackers…. Get it Cracker Barrel! Anyway I am waiting to see if they decide to use my idea and design.

UPDATE: ok so they decided to use the design, but sadly changed the name to ONE BEST BARREL?