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AOTW Emilie Decrock

Artist Of The Week – Emilie Decrock. This artist I found a few years back and fell in love with her style. Most of the illustrations almost seam they were created to convey fashion. The site is in French and I have never really read her blog sadly, but I know it’s said that math […]

My Love for iPad

Recently I purchased an iPad for myself for Christmas, I know tacky, but hey I’ve wanted one for some time. I have had an iPhone for a few years and when the iPad came out I wanted it more than I dare to admit. I really enjoy both devices. I have always been into gadgets […]

AOTW Dominic Marco

Artist Of The Week – Dominic Marco. I have to admit I did not know or had heard of this artist, until last week, but now I have been on a mission to see everything he has created. I am huge fan of Sexy Comic Book Style Pinups, so when I came across these amazing […]

AOTW Martin Abel

Artist of the week-Martin Abel. Martin is an Australian artist who’s work I have seen and watched grow for years now. His pin-up artwork is absolutely amazing, beautiful and sexy. I am always intrigued with the material, the ideas he comes up with and his hints of an old burlesque style are just creative and […]

Quick Digital Portrait

Attempt at a quick digital portrait. Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet and Photoshop CS4.

My Latest Business Card

I know why create another Business Card? Well this one is replacing the others. I want to focus on one thing and this website is what I decided would be the best thing to focus on. So I really have been working to consolidate everything into one place for some time now. This makes the […]

AOTW Mike Maihack

Artist Of The Week – Mike Maihack. I found this artist online a few years back and I find his work so much fun. He brings a real kid like flare to every piece, while still maintaining adult overtones. He has some really cool comics, my personal favorite is called “Cleo Patra In Space”. His […]

Portfolio Section

My portfolio section just received a massive update and I hope to keep it updated. So if you are interested to see what I do everyday at work please go check it out here.

Santa Speed Painting

It’s that time of year, the weather is nice and chilled and I have been listening to Christmas music all day. I just finished my newest speed painting. Still trying to get better and faster.

AOTW Joe Ledbetter

Artist of the Week- Joe Ledbetter. I found this artist when I was looking into and doing some toy sculpting, although I think Joe is not a sculptor himself some really cool toys have been fashioned after his artwork. What really impressed me was how they make the toys look just like his two dimensional […]

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