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AOTW Emilie Decrock

Artist Of The Week – Emilie Decrock. This artist I found a few years back and fell in love with her style. Most of the illustrations almost seam they were created to convey fashion. The site is in French and I have never really read her blog sadly, but I know it’s said that math is the universal language, but I’d like to think art is just as universal if not more. It is my pleasure to share this talented artist in my growing section of Artist Of The Week. So here is a link to the Original Version of the site: Emilie Decrock and for us English speaking people here is a link with Google translate: Translated Emilie Decrock.

Side Note: I will be going back and reading the site translated, so I might update this post soon.

My Love for iPad

Recently I purchased an iPad for myself for Christmas, I know tacky, but hey I’ve wanted one for some time. I have had an iPhone for a few years and when the iPad came out I wanted it more than I dare to admit. I really enjoy both devices. I have always been into gadgets and have had countless gadgets over the last ten years, but this one is by far my favorite ever. I still get people who ask why do I need it? Well why do we need anything, but the beauty of this device in my mind is I can do about 90% of what I do on my computer when I am not working now in the palm of my hand and from anywhere. There is something about being able to relax on the couch, inĀ  a nice little coffee shop or just out on the road anywhere and not in front of my computer. When it comes to keeping up on the news, your social sites, emails, browsing the Internet, reading books or magazines, watching movies and listening to music you can not go wrong with an iPad. That being said I am adding a new section to my site where I will review different tech and gadgets with my take on whats out there and why I feel I need them in my life.

AOTW Dominic Marco

Artist Of The Week – Dominic Marco. I have to admit I did not know or had heard of this artist, until last week, but now I have been on a mission to see everything he has created. I am huge fan of Sexy Comic Book Style Pinups, so when I came across these amazing illustrations, it struck a cord. The sensuality, color, and execution are top notch and inspiring. I am going to give two different links for this artist one to the official web site: Official Website. As great as the official website is, there seams to be more illustrations on the deviantart site: Dominic Marco on

AOTW Martin Abel

Artist of the week-Martin Abel. Martin is an Australian artist who’s work I have seen and watched grow for years now. His pin-up artwork is absolutely amazing, beautiful and sexy. I am always intrigued with the material, the ideas he comes up with and his hints of an old burlesque style are just creative and unique. Go check out his website here.

Quick Digital Portrait


Attempt at a quick digital portrait. Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet and Photoshop CS4.

My Latest Business Card

I know why create another Business Card? Well this one is replacing the others. I want to focus on one thing and this website is what I decided would be the best thing to focus on. So I really have been working to consolidate everything into one place for some time now. This makes the other cards irrelevant. These new cards should be here soon. I don’t know why but waiting for them to arrive is always a little exciting.

AOTW Mike Maihack

Artist Of The Week – Mike Maihack. I found this artist online a few years back and I find his work so much fun. He brings a real kid like flare to every piece, while still maintaining adult overtones. He has some really cool comics, my personal favorite is called “Cleo Patra In Space”. His use of color and technique just bring that kid at heart feel. Anyway got check out one of his website and you will instantly see what I mean. Here is his blog its my favorite place to start and read up what he is doing.

Portfolio Section

My portfolio section just received a massive update and I hope to keep it updated. So if you are interested to see what I do everyday at work please go check it out here.

Santa Speed Painting

It’s that time of year, the weather is nice and chilled and I have been listening to Christmas music all day. I just finished my newest speed painting. Still trying to get better and faster.

AOTW Joe Ledbetter

Artist of the Week- Joe Ledbetter. I found this artist when I was looking into and doing some toy sculpting, although I think Joe is not a sculptor himself some really cool toys have been fashioned after his artwork. What really impressed me was how they make the toys look just like his two dimensional paintings. His artwork is vibrant, colorful and fun. He has designed some really cool characters and they are portrayed in a very playful way. Absolutely amazing, so please go check his website