Monthly Archives: November 2010
Contrast Study

Was able to get some down time at work so I wanted to do some contrast study, this is the result of that study. I got a little carried away and went to town on the image instead of doing the real contrast study I had intended to do. Never the less, I liked the […]

Digital Sketches

Not much of an update, but never the less, these are some quick digital scribbles I did. Really trying to get better working with the Wacom Tablet.

Update: November 20th 2010

Cartoon Sketches I did and scanned into the computer. No real reason, than I wanted to do an update to the web site. Enjoy!

1st Artist Of The Week

As an artist I tend to check out other artists websites and see what people are creating. I am always finding art from a multitude of talented people and as such I figured I’d update my own site more frequently by sharing my findings. So for my first Artist Of The Week, I would like […]

Phil’s Murphy Bed Store
Facial Expressions

I wanted to study facial expressions and although these aren’t photo’s they really do a great job. The illustrator Dani Jones has a great page of 50 facial expressions. If you are interested in learning about facial expressions I highly suggest checking these out. He even gives a PDF that you can download. Click Here […]

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