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Digital Quick Sketches

I have been trying to do more art lately and as such I have been doing some quick digital sketches on the computer. These are some of the results.


So I have been working on a new Christmas Gift and after I started it I realized I am going to need a machine to finish it. Well no problem, or so I hope! I will be building my own rotocasting machine for fun, because that's just what I do. Look for a new rotocasting tutorial coming soon. If I had my new iPhone 4 I would shoot a video tutorial, but I have yet to buy one so you will just have to settle for images again. I am looking forward to this project. This is what I will be building in a smaller scale, maybe half size. Anyhow check out the video after the break. ...Continue Reading

Paper Toys by Zakane

Paper Art Toys by artist Zakane! How cool is this? I was watching toybreak and they were showing these paper art toys and I had to go check out the site. So why do I find these so interesting? Truthfully they just look so cool. This is something I could see kids of all ages loving. I remember way back when I was kid (doodloodo Flashback) I was watching a King Kong movie marathon of such classics as King Kong, Son of Kong, Mighty Joe young and I loved the movies so much while I was watching them I created paper toy kong’s. Sometimes its what you create yourself that makes you the happiest. That being said I can seriously see how these could be so much fun, maybe I will make some with my niece. It’s the simplest way to create your own toys the cheap and free way. They don’t cost anything to download and make. Print out the designs and go at it. Now when I say simple to make, don’t get me wrong I know it’s not as easy as it sounds or might look, check out the video after the break and you will see what I mean. ...Continue Reading

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