Monthly Archives: September 2010
Christmas Coming Soon

I know its only October, but Christmas is just around the corner and I have a few projects I’d like to get done for Christmas Gifts. So I have held off on releasing my new web site till the first of the year for sure. Its a good thing, gives me time to focus more […]

Toy Break

So as I have been sculpting lately and looking at a lot of toys and designer toys, I recently stumbled upon this really cool webshow. The show is called Toy Break and they talk about what else toys! They do some really cool reviews and keep you up-to-date about everything going on the toy industry; […]

New Website

Recently I have been working on some sculpting and toy stuff and was hoping to have a new website up before the first of October. Well needless to say I don’t think that will happen and although everything is going good and working out I think I will hold off till the first of the […]

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