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XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 6)

The Future Media Center: What does the future hold? Now that my XBOX v.1 and XBMC project is complete and working, I have to wonder what the future holds. Ultimately I know my XBOX v.1 are going to last a few years and although they do work great it is still virtually obsolete hardware. With […]

XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 5)

PlayOn Media Stream – XBMC Media Center: Well after a few weeks of having my new XBOX XBMC setups running in both rooms, I decided to check into some scripts and plugins that are available for the Media Center. What I found were some streaming scripts for different web sites and services like Apple Trailers […]

XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 4)

DD-WRT Bridge: The problem with the XBOX V.1 hardware is, unlike the newer game systems of today, ie. Nintendo Wii and PS3 the original XBOX has one major setback; it did not come with WiFi (wireless Connection). What does this mean? Well for me it meant my idea of having an XBOX in my bedroom […]

XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 3)

XBMC Skins and Display: Once my XBOX was Modded, XBMC was installed and running quite nicely it was time to spruce it up with all that is has to offer. One of the greatest things about XBMC is its ability to be skinned (To change its appearance and functionality). This is such a nice over […]

XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 2)

Endless Entertainment: What to do with a newly modded XBOX? Enjoy endless entertainment! Really lets remember first and for most what an XBOX is, it’s a gaming system, that in it self brings entertainment to kids and adults of all ages. Now that your system is modded you can play XBOX backups either from a […]

XBOX v.1 Mod – XBMC (Part 1)

In 2003 I finally broke down and purchased an XBOX v.1, but it was not because I was a huge gamer in anyway. It was because I wanted to Hard Mod my XBOX to use it as the best available media player at the time. While my soldering skills were still in their infancy I […]

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