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Running from Domestication

Running through the obscure forest, I find myself breathless, over heated, and tired. Covered with cobwebs and stumbling through the roots and vines. Not sure of where I am or what I am escaping from, I begin to slow down. Now in a state of relaxation, it hits me I am lost and bewildered with my surroundings. Overwhelmed; the frustration takes over and I begin to hurl myself in every direction as though something is pulling me apart. My mind races as the sweat drips from my brow, I am motionless, limber, and unable to move. I feel a crushing sensation come over me with great pressure and sharp pain. It as at this time I am enlightened by the realization of where I am, I am in my own mind swallowed by the thoughts of life and others. My domestication is overpowering and un-controlling; I am beaten.

Gazing into the eyes…

Gazing into the eyes of Beautiful.

Gazing into her eyes intensely causes my heart to tremble. Blue treasures sparkle with green glitter bringing forth great pleasure with such ease.  My eyes caress there way down to her delicate lips. Where I find a sexy smile that whispers kiss me, finding myself restful, tranquil, and peaceful as my lips touch hers. It is in this moment that my heart booms with absolute desire. Our passion unites as one and we embrace into a frenzy of lust and content.

Quote finder.

So I admit I do use myspace, and although I don’t think it’s truly the greatest thing in the world I do at times find somethings interesting or appealing about it. One of though’s things is the quotes people put on myspace. I don’t always know if there self made or from another resource, so I will not put where they come from, but I would like to share the ones that I find intriguing. These will not be ones I came up with unless otherwise stated.

“Never regret the things that made you smile, just learn from the tears that followed.”